Our purpose is to promote "safe Western Action Shooting including the re-enactment and promotion of the historical Old West heritage of the United States in all its ethnic, social and occupational diversity"

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The National Congress of Old West Shootists (NCOWS) was founded in 1994 to promote "safe Western Action Shooting including the re-enactment and promotion of the historical Old West heritage of the United States in all its ethnic, social and occupational diversity" during the period 1865 to 1899.

NCOWS members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations to experience the Old West. Among the common activities NCOWS members enjoy are Western Action Shoots which is timed shooting sport in which shooters compete on a series of different shooting stages. The shooters are attired in Old West style clothing, and use firearms typical of the guns used in the Old West.

NCOWS members also spend time researching, collecting, and exchanging information on the firearms, fashions, history and other facets of the Old West. There are NCOWS members that enjoy participating in reenactments of the period that are good family entertainment that is rooted in the history of the West. And there are even NCOWS members that like to experience the Old West on the back of a horse.

Our Home Page bids you Welcome to our site and also is where you can find the most recent News about NCOWS. The About Section is full of information on NCOWS' Goals, History, Shooting Competitions, NCOWS Membership, and our Annual Convention. It also has info on Joining NCOWS, and a Change of Address form for members who have recently moved. We have a Calendar of Scheduled NCOWS Events. The Posses Section has a list and information on the posses that make up NCOWS. The Resources Section (formerly titled Downloads) contains Shoot Registration Forms, the NCOWS Tally Book downloadable as a PDF or ebook, Reference materials, Links, and tells how you can get a NCOWS.org email address. The Media Section has Photos of NCOWS posses, shoot, and reenactment photos, Videos from NCOWS activities, and details about The Shootist magazine. The Governance Section (formerly called Congress) introduces NCOWS governing body, the Territorial Congress, the Articles of Incorporation, our By-Laws and Appendices, the Rules of our competitions, the lists of Approved and Unapproved arms and accoutrements, the NCOWS Tally Book downloadable as a PDF or ebook, and Territorial Congress Minutes.

So, make yourself at home here. We're glad you stopped by.

Marshal Dave Scott Explains "What is NCOWS"



We would like your input about this year's convention and about future conventions? We need to have information from the perspective of the vendor and from the perspective of a conventioneer. Please share with us your ideas so we can plan for the future. The survey is online at:



The Double M Cowboys hosted the 2014 NCOWS Convention March 28-30 in Springfield, MO. Along with the regular features associated with NCOWS Conventions, the Double M Cowboys held a shoot the day before the Convention, March 27. The Safety Meeting will begin at noon, and following the shoot there will be a chili supper. They also arranged a tour of the NRA Museum at Bass Pro Shop on Friday evening. A big THANK YOU to the Double M Cowboys for the job they did hosting the convention.

On Friday evening the Territorial Congress met at the Convention. Officers elected to serve for the next year are: Marshal- Dave Scott, Deputy- Ted Beechler, Secretary- Bryan Buck, Banker- Joe Ray, Judge- Mike Owen, Editor- John Irons, Senate Delegate- John Torrence, Representative Delegate- Tom Spanton. Regular business was also discussed at the meeting, and the Minutes can be accessed by the link below:

36th Territorial Congress Minutes


It is with deep regret that I must inform you all of the passing of one of our more prominent NCOWS members and former leaders. Celeste Mullins, also known as Ima Sureshot, passed away of natural causes in the early evening of March 29 in her home state of Kentucky.

Celeste, a member of the Johnson County Rangers and wife of NCOWS member Jim Mullins (J.D. Goodguy) was a long-time member of our organization and an active supporter of our 2nd Amendment freedoms. She was an NCOWS Senator and former member of the Executive Committee, having served as the Senators’ Representative.

I know I speak for us all when I express our most sincere condolences and deepest sympathies to Celeste’s husband Jim, her family, her closest friends and all of her fellow JCR members. In true pioneer spirit, Celeste was a strong woman with strong opinions who never shirked from standing up for what she believed. Her advocacy and leadership will be missed throughout the entire NCOWS organization.

Our collective thoughts and prayers for Celeste and her loved ones.


Dave Scott - NCOWS Marshal


June 9-14, 2014,
at West Side Sportsmen's Club, Evansville, IN.

Another great event is in the works again this year. Thanks to the West Side Sportsmen's Club, Colonel Bishop's Renegades, Cash Creek, and all the volunteers who donated time, efforts, and materials to make it a success.

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We now have a forum for Territorial Congress Members to discuss matters that are before the Congress. Registration to this forum is restricted to members of the Territorial Congress. The forum is located at: ncows.org/forum/

Guests who are not members of Congress are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to browse the topics. However, guests to the forum are not able to post on the forum.


Every membership now runs from 1 January, to 31 December, and all expire at the same time now. So, the Executive Committee has voted to switch to new membership cards which will carry no expiration date from this point forward. This is a move to save our organization money. After you receive your new card in 2013, cards will not be issued each year. We will be happy to replace lost or destroyed cards by request only. Look for your new cards soon!

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